Why Supervision?

Do you find yourself going above and beyond with some clients?
Do you find it difficult to switch off from work?
Do you worry that you have made the wrong decision at work?

360 Supervision recognises that the process of interpreting creates demands on the interpreter that are not only linguistic, but which relate to the dynamics involved when working with others. Such situations can be a cause of stress and may have an emotional impact on the Interpreter. This can include going above and beyond with some clients, not being able to switch off from work and feelings left over after assignments.

Professional supervision facilitates the Interpreter to identify and manage their individual responses to work and provides an opportunity to reflect on and explore issues and dilemmas that arise in work.

“The nature of our role, dealing with people and their language is more faceted than ‘just’ interpreting appears on the surface. The more I explore my practice in supervision, the more it holds a mirror up to myself”.