CPD Workshops

360 Supervision provide CPD training workshops on areas that focus on the inter and intra personal aspects of the work of a Sign Language Interpreter.

These include interpersonal communication skills and intrapersonal patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour that can impact on the dynamics of the interpreting situation.The workshops are both experiential and informative. Participants have the opportunity to explore their responses to the work they do and gain a better understanding of how their work may impact on them both personally and professionally.

Participant feedback on 360 Supervision CPD workshops:

“valuable and insightful – thank you”

“wonderful! Great delivery and management of a thoroughly  talkative crowd”

“should be mandatory for all TI’s”

“Thank you for a great day – worth every penny”

“Fantastic delivery, informative and therapeutic”

“I honestly don’t think I’ve been on such an enlightening CPD course since I qualified 10 years ago. And it wasn’t just the content – it was the way it was delivered “

 “It’s been a while since I’ve attended a course that has sparked my brain into gear.”