Work-Related Stress


“A safe and supportive environment, which enabled some ‘very real’ moments of reflection and insight”

The workshop outlines the psychological and physiological theory of stress, vicarious trauma and burnout. An understanding of these can help sign language interpreters develop self-awareness and resilience and reduce the impact of work related stress.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Explore the physical, physiological and psychological experiences of stress
  • Develop an understanding of the neuroscience of arousal
  • Learn how the body, with the help of the mind, remembers – often unhelpfully
  • How to recognise individual stress indicators
  • Explore vicarious trauma and burnout
  • Develop techniques for reducing the risk of work related stress, vicarious trauma and burnout in practitioners.

10.00am – 4.30pm

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“Incredibly enjoyable and insightful day – a chance to step back and look at ‘me’ – would look for an opportunity for follow up workshop if offered”