Diploma in Supervision

“The quality content and delivery of the course materials was superb. I can’t remember having ever been on a course where the breaks were unwelcome, due to my absorption in the issues being discussed.”

360 Supervision is a partnership between Cathy Davey a Psychotherapist and Ali Hetherington a Sign Language Interpreter. Both are experienced practitioners and supervisors with a passion for supervision. Combining their skills and experience Cathy and Ali have designed a bespoke Diploma in Supervision for Sign Language Interpreters to qualify as Supervisors.

The course provides a framework within which participants can develop a firm base in the theory and practice of supervision.  Experiential exercises, skills practice and small and large group work are an integral part of the training. Students are able to demonstrate their learning, understanding and experience using peer, tutor, and externally moderated evaluation processes.

The course incorporates teaching on intra and interpersonal dynamics, for example, unconscious processes such as transference and projection to equip Interpreters to offer effective, professional and ethical support within the supervisory relationship.

The course is mapped to a Diploma standard of qualification at Level 6, verified by an external consultant. On completion of the course Interpreters will be qualified to supervise both Interpreters and practitioners from other professions.

The Diploma in Supervision is suitable for both freelance Interpreters and those working within agencies, or organisations. Applicants are required to have a minimum of two years post qualifying experience before applying for a place on the course.